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Sing TL, Hung MP, Ohnuki S, Suzuki G, San Luis BJ, McClain M, Unruh JR, Yu Z, Ou J, Marshall-Sheppard J, Huh WK, Costanzo M, Boone C, Ohya Y, Jaspersen SL, Brown GW (2018)
The budding yeast RSC complex maintains ploidy by promoting spindle pole body insertion
Journal of Cell Biology 217: 2445-2462. doi: 10.1083/jcb.201709009
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Diaz-Mejia JJ, Celaj A, Mellor JC, Cote A, Balint A, Ho B, Bansal P, Shaeri F, Gebbia M, Weile J, Verby M, Karkhanina A, Zhang Y, Wong C, Rich J, Prendergast D, Gupta G, Ozturk S, Durocher D, Brown GW, Roth FP (2018)
Mapping DNA damage-dependent genetic interactions in yeast via party mating and barcode fusion genetics
Molecular Systems Biology 14: e7985. doi: 10.15252/msb.20177985
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Becker JR, Gallo D, Leung W, Croissant T, Thu YM, Nguyen HD, Starr TK, Brown GW, Bielinsky AK
Flap endonuclease overexpression drives genome instability and DNA damage hypersensitivity in a PCNA-dependent manner
Nucleic Acids Research 46: 5634-5650. doi: 10.1093/nar/gky313
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Kuzmin E, VanderSluis B, Wang W, Tan G, Deshpande R, Chen Y, Usaj M, Balint A, Mattiazzi Usaj M, van Leeuwen J, Koch EN, Pons C, Dagilis AJ, Pryszlak M, Wang JZY, Hanchard J, Riggi M, Xu K, Heydari H, San Luis BJ, Shuteriqi E, Zhu H, Van Dyk N, Sharifpoor S, Costanzo M, Loewith R, Caudy A, Bolnick D, Brown GW, Andrews BJ, Boone C, Myers CL
Systematic analysis of complex genetic interactions
Science 360. pii: eaao1729. doi: 10.1126/science.aao1729
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Ho B, Baryshnikova, A, Brown GW (2018)
Unification of Protein Abundance Datasets Yields a Quantitative Saccharomyces cerevisiae Proteome
Cell Systems
Abstract | Full Text | Data set and R scripts



Saayman X, Ramos-Pérez C, Brown GW (2018)
DNA Replication Profiling Using Deep Sequencing
Methods in Molecular Biology 1672: 195-207
doi: 10.1007/978-1-4939-7306-4_15.
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Diaz-Mejia JJ, Mellor JC, Cote A, Balint A, Ho B,
Bansal P, Shaeri F, Gebbia M, Weile J, Verby M, Karkhanina A, Zhang Y, Wong C, Rich J, Prendergast D, Gupta G, Ozturk S, Durocher D, Brown GW, Roth FP (2017)
Mapping DNA damage-dependent genetic interactions in yeast via orgy mating and barcode fusion genetics
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Loll-Krippleber R, Brown GW (2017)
P-body proteins regulate transcriptional rewiring to promote DNA replication stress resistance
Nature Communications 8: 558
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Piotrowski JS, Li SC, Deshpande R, Simpkins SW, Nelson J, Yashiroda Y, Barber JM, Safizadeh H, Wilson E, Okada H, Gebre AA, Kubo K, Torres NP, LeBlanc MA, Andrusiak K, Okamoto R, Yoshimura M, DeRango-Adem E, van Leeuwen J, Shirahige K, Baryshnikova A, Brown GW, Hirano H, Costanzo M, Andrews B, Ohya Y, Osada H, Yoshida M, Myers CL, Boone C (2017)
Functional annotation of chemical libraries across diverse biological processes
Nature Chemical Biology 13: 982-993
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Ramos-Pérez C, Ayra-Plasencia J, Matos-Perdomo E, Lisby M, Brown GW, Machín F (2017)
Genome-Scale Genetic Interactions and Cell Imaging Confirm Cytokinesis as Deleterious to Transient Topoisomerase II Deficiency in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics pii: g3.300104.2017. doi: 10.1534/g3.117.300104
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Wheaton K, Campuzano D, Ma W, Sheinis M, Ho B, Brown GW, Benchimol S (2017)
Progerin-Induced Replication Stress Facilitates Premature Senescence in Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome
Molecular and Cellular Biology 37(14) pii: e00659-16. doi: 10.1128/MCB.00659-16
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Xu H, Di Antonio M, McKinney S, Mathew V, Ho B, O'Neil NJ, Santos ND, Silvester J, Wei V, Garcia J, Kabeer F, Lai D, Soriano P, Banáth J, Chiu DS, Yap D, Le DD, Ye FB, Zhang A, Thu K, Soong J, Lin SC, Tsai AH, Osako T, Algara T, Saunders DN, Wong J, Xian J, Bally MB, Brenton JD, Brown GW, Shah SP, Cescon D, Mak TW, Caldas C, Stirling PC, Hieter P, Balasubramanian S, Aparicio S (2017)
CX-5461 is a DNA G-quadruplex stabilizer with selective lethality in BRCA1/2 deficient tumours
Nature Communications 8: 14432
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Ho B, Baryshnikova A, Brown GW (2017)
Comparative analysis of protein abundance studies to quantify the Saccharomyces cerevisiae proteome
bioRxiv doi: 10.1101/104919
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Styles EB, Founk KJ, Zamparo LA, Sing TL, Altintas D, Ribeyre C, Ribaud V, Rougemont J, Mayhew D, Costanzo M, Usaj M, Verster AJ, Koch EN, Novarina D, Graf M, Luke B, Muzi-Falconi M, Myers CL, Mitra RD, Shore D, Brown GW, Zhang Z, Boone C, Andrews BJ (2016)
Exploring Quantitative Yeast Phenomics with Single-Cell Analysis of DNA Damage Foci
Cell Systems 3: 264-277.e10
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Abraham KJ, Chan JN, Salvi JS, Ho B, Hall A, Vidya E, Guo R, Killackey SA, Liu N, Lee JE, Brown GW, Mekhail K (2016)
Intersection of calorie restriction and magnesium in the suppression of genome-destabilizing RNA-DNA hybrids
Nucleic Acids Research 44: 8870-8884
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Bonner JN, Choi K, Xue X, Torres NP, Szakal B, Wei L, Wan B, Arter M, Matos J, Sung P, Brown GW, Branzei D, Zhao X (2016)
Smc5/6 Mediated Sumoylation of the Sgs1-Top3-Rmi1 Complex Promotes Removal of Recombination Intermediates
Cell Reports 16: 368-78
Abstract | Full Text



Yimit A., Kim T., Anand R., Meister S., Ou J., Haber J.E., Zhang Z., Brown G.W. (2016)
MTE1 Functions with MPH1 in Double-Strand Break Repair
203: 147-157
Abstract | Full Text


Gallo D., Wang G., Yip C.M., Brown G.W. (2016)
Analysis of Replicating Yeast Chromosomes by DNA Combing
Cold Spring Harbor Protocols
Abstract | Full Text


Dibitetto D., Ferrari M., Rawal C.C., Balint A., Kim T., Zhang Z., Smolka M.B., Brown G.W., Marini F., Pellicioli A. (2016)
Slx4 and Rtt107 control checkpoint signalling and DNA resection at double-strand breaks
Nucleic Acids Research 44: 669-82
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Tkáč J., Xu G., Adhikary H., Young J.T., Gallo D., Escribano-Díaz C., Krietsch J., Orthwein A., Munro M., Sol W., Al-Hakim A., Lin Z.Y., Jonkers J., Borst P., Brown G.W., Gingras A.C., Rottenberg S., Masson J.Y., Durocher D. (2016)
HELB Is a Feedback Inhibitor of DNA End ResectionMolecular Cell 61: 405-18
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Yimit A., Kim T., Anand R., Meister S., Ou J., Haber J.E., Zhang Z., Brown G.W. (2015)
YGR042W/MTE1 Functions in Double-Strand Break Repair with MPH1
bioRxiv doi: 10.1101/032581
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Jablonowski C.M., Cussiol J.R., Oberly S., Yimit A., Balint A., Kim T., Zhang Z., Brown G.W., Smolka M.B. (2015)
Termination of Replication Stress Signaling via Concerted Action of the Slx4 Scaffold and the PP4 Phosphatase
Genetics 201: 937-49
Abstract | Full Text



Yimit A., Riffle M., Brown G.W. (2015)
Genetic regulation of Dna2 localization during the DNA damage response
G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 5: 1937-1944
Abstract | Full Text



Dunham M.J., Gartenberg, M.R., Brown G.W. (2015)
Methods in Yeast Genetics and Genomics
2015 Edition: A CSHL Course Manual

Available from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
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Balint A., Kim T., Gallo D., Cussiol J.R., Bastos de Oliveira F.M., Yimit A, Ou J., Nakato R., Gurevich A., Shirahige K., Smolka M.B, Zhang Z., Brown G.W. (2015)
Assembly of Slx4 signaling complexes behind DNA replication forks
The EMBO Journal 34: 2182-2197
Abstract | Full Text



Chaillot J., Tebbji F., Remmal A., Boone C., Brown G.W., Bellaoui M., Sellam A. (2015)
The monoterpene carvacrol generates endoplasmic reticulum stress in the pathogenic fungus Candida albicans
Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 59: 4584-4592
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Torres N.P., Brown G.W. (2015)
A high-throughput confocal fluorescence microscopy platform to study DNA replication stress in yeast cells
Methods in Molecular Biology 1300: 1-12
Abstract | Full Text



Cussiol J.R., Jablonowski C.M., Yimit A., Brown G.W., Smolka M.B. (2015)
Dampening DNA damage checkpoint signalling via coordinated BRCT domain interactions
EMBO Journal 34: 1704-1717
Abstract | Full Text



Grote D., Moison C., Duhamel S., Chagraoui J., Girard S., Yang J., Mayotte N., Coulombe Y., Masson J.Y., Brown G.W., Meloche S., Sauvageau G. (2015)
E4F1 Is a Master Regulator of CHK1-Mediated Functions
Cell Reports 11: 210-219
Abstract | Full Text




Hendry J.A., Tan G., Ou J., Boone C., Brown G.W. (2015)
Leveraging DNA Damage Response Signaling to Identify Yeast Genes Controlling Genome Stability
G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 5: 997-1006
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Larin M., Gallo D., Tamblyn L., Yang J., Liao H., Sabat N., Brown G.W., McPherson J.P. (2014)
Fanconi anemia signaling and Mus81 cooperate to safeguard development and crosslink repair
Nucleic Acids Research 42: 9807-9820
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Coschi C.H., Ishak C.A., Gallo D., Marshall A., Talluri S., Wang J., Cecchini M.J., Martens A.L., Percy V., Welch I., Boutros P.C., Brown G.W., Dick F.A. (2014)
Haploinsufficiency of an RB-E2F1-Condensin II complex leads to aberrant replication and aneuploidy
Cancer Discovery 4: 840-853
Abstract | Full Text



Lee A.Y., St Onge R.P., Proctor M.J., Wallace I.M., Nile A.H., Spagnuolo P.A., Jitkova Y., Gronda M., Wu Y., Kim M.K., Cheung-Ong K., Torres N.P., Spear E.D., Han M.K., Schlecht U., Suresh S., Duby G., Heisler L.E., Surendra A., Fung E., Urbanus M.L., Gebbia M., Lissina E., Miranda M., Chiang J.H., Aparicio A.M., Zeghouf M., Davis R.W., Cherfils J., Boutry M., Kaiser C.A., Cummins C.L., Trimble W.S., Brown G.W., Schimmer A.D., Bankaitis V.A., Nislow C., Bader G.D., Giaever G. (2014)
Mapping the cellular response to small molecules using chemogenomic fitness signatures
Science 344: 208-211
Abstract | Full Text



Jagannathan M., Nguyen T., Gallo D., Luthra N., Brown G.W., Saridakis V., Frappier L. (2014)
A Role for USP7 in DNA Replication
Molecular and Cellular Biology 34: 132-145
Abstract | Full Text



Xu D., Shen W., Guo R., Xue Y., Peng W., Sima J., Yang J., Sharov A., Srikantan S., Yang J., Fox D. 3rd, Qian Y., Martindale J.L., Piao Y., Machamer J., Joshi S.R., Mohanty S., Shaw A.C., Lloyd T.E., Brown G.W., Ko M.S., Gorospe M., Zou S., Wang W. (2013)
Top3β is an RNA topoisomerase that works with fragile X syndrome protein to promote synapse formation
Nature Neuroscience 16: 1238-1247
Abstract | Full Text



torres cover

Torres N.P., Lee A.Y., Giaever G., Nislow C., Brown G.W. (2013)
A high-throughput yeast assay identifies synergistic drug combinations
Assay and Drug Development Technologies 11: 299-307
Abstract | Full Text



Srikumar T., Lewicki M.C., Costanzo M., Tkach J.M., van Bakel H., Tsui K., Johnson E.S., Brown G.W., Andrews B.J., Boone C., Giaever G., Nislow C., Raught B. (2013)
Global analysis of SUMO chain function reveals multiple roles in chromatin regulation
Journal of Cell Biology 201: 145-163
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Chambers A.L., Ormerod G., Durley S.C., Sing T.L., Brown G.W., Kent N.A., Downs J.A. (2012)
The INO80 chromatin remodeling complex prevents polyploidy and maintains normal chromatin structure at centromeres
Genes & Development 26: 2590-2603
Abstract | Full Text




Cheung-Ong K., Song K.T., Ma Z., Shabtai D., Lee A.Y., Gallo D., Heisler L.E., Brown G.W., Bierbach U., Giaever G., Nislow C. (2012)
Comparative Chemogenomics To Examine the Mechanism of Action of DNA-Targeted Platinum-Acridine Anticancer Agents
ACS Chemical Biology 7: 1892-1901
Abstract | Full Text



Tkach J.M., Yimit A., Lee A.Y., Riffle M., Costanzo M., Jaschob D., Hendry J.A., Ou J., Moffat J., Boone C., Davis T.N., Nislow C., Brown G.W. (2012)
Dissecting DNA damage response pathways by analysing protein localization and abundance changes during DNA replication stress
Nature Cell Biology 14: 966-976
Abstract | Full Text | News and Views Article | Image Database @ Yeast Resource Center | Abundance data with Z-scores



Yang J., Bachrati C.Z., Hickson I.D., Brown G.W. (2012) BLM and RMI1 Alleviate RPA Inhibition of TopoIIIα Decatenase Activity.
PLoS ONE 7(7): e41208.
Abstract | Full Text



Cheng E., Vaisica J.A., Ou J., Baryshnikova A., Lu Y., Roth F.P., Brown G.W. (2012)
Genome Rearrangements Caused by Depletion of Essential DNA Replication Proteins in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Genetics 192:147-160
Abstract | Full Text | Issue Highlights



Yang J., O'Donnell L., Durocher D., Brown G.W. (2012)
RMI1 Promotes DNA Replication Fork Progression and Recovery from Replication Fork Stress.
Mol Cell Biol 32:3054-3064
Abstract | Full Text


Davidson M.B., Katou Y., Keszthelyi A., Sing T.L., Xia T., Ou J., Vaisica J.A., Thevakumaran N., Marjavaara L., Myers C.L., Chabes A., Shirahige K., Brown G.W. (2012)
Endogenous DNA replication stress results in expansion of dNTP pools and a mutator phenotype.
EMBO J 31:895-907
Abstract | Full Text


Bellay J., Atluri G., Sing T.L., Toufighi K., Costanzo M., Ribeiro P.S., Pandey G., Baller J., VanderSluis B., Michaut M., Han S., Kim P., Brown G.W., Andrews B.J., Boone C., Kumar V., Myers C.L. (2011)
Putting genetic interactions in context through a global modular decomposition.
Genome Res 21: 1375-1387
Abstract | Full Text


Vaisica J.A., Baryshnikova A., Costanzo M., Boone C., Brown G.W. (2011)
Mms1 and Mms22 Stabilize the Replisome During Replication Stress.
Mol Biol Cell 22: 2396-2408
Abstract | Full Text



Baryshnikova A., Costanzo M., Kim Y., Ding H., Koh J., Toufighi K., Youn J.Y., Ou J., San Luis B.J., Bandyopadhyay S., Hibbs M., Hess D., Gingras A.C., Bader G.D., Troyanskaya O.G., Brown G.W., Andrews B., Boone C., Myers C.L. (2010)
Quantitative analysis of fitness and genetic interactions in yeast on a genome scale.
Nat Methods 7: 1017-24.
Abstract | Full Text



O'Donnell L., Panier S., Wildenhain J., Tkach J.M., Al-Hakim A., Landry M.C., Escribano-Diaz C., Szilard R.K., Young J.T., Munro M., Canny M.D., Kolas N.K., Zhang W., Harding S.M., Ylanko J., Mendez M., Mullin M., Sun T., Habermann B., Datti A., Bristow R.G., Gingras A.C., Tyers M.D., Brown G.W., Durocher D. (2010)
The MMS22L-TONSL complex mediates recovery from replication stress and homologous recombination.
Mol Cell 40: 619-31.
Abstract | Full Text


Berbenetz N., Nislow C., Brown G.W. (2010)
Diversity of Eukaryotic DNA Replication Origins Revealed by Genome-wide Analysis of Chromatin Structure.
PLoS Genetics 6: e1001092.
Abstract | Full Text


Yang J., Bachrati C.Z., Ou J., Hickson I.D., Brown G.W. (2010)
Human Topoisomerase IIIα Is a Single-stranded DNA Decatenase That Is Stimulated by BLM and RMI1.
J Biol Chem 285: 21426-36.
Abstract | Full Text


Dion B. and Brown G.W. (2009)
Comparative genome hybridization on tiling microarrays to detect aneuploidies in yeast.
Methods Mol Biol 548: 1-18.
Abstract | Full Text


Davidson M.B. and Brown G.W. (2009)
Dissecting the DNA damage response using functional genomics approaches in S. cerevisiae. DNA Repair 8: 1110-1117.
Abstract | Full Text



Yu L, Lopez A, Anaflous A, El Bali B, Hamal A, Ericson E., Heisler L.E., McQuibban A., Giaever G., Nislow C., Boone C., Brown G.W., Bellaoui M.(2008)
Chemical–Genetic Profiling of Imidazo[1,2-a]pyridines and -Pyrimidines Reveals Target Pathways Conserved between Yeast and Human Cells
PLoS Genetics 4: e1000284.
Abstract | Full Text




Nagai S., Dubrana K., Tsai-Pflugfelder M., Davidson M.B., Roberts T.M., Brown G.W., Varela E., Hediger F., Gasser S.M., Krogan N.J. (2008)
Functional targeting of DNA damage to a nuclear pore-associated SUMO-dependent ubiquitin ligase
Science 322: 597-602
Abstract | Full Text | Faculty of 1000 Evaluation



Xu D., Guo R., Sobeck A., Bachrati C.Z., Yang J., Enomoto T., Brown G.W., Hoatlin M.E., Hickson I.D., Wang W. (2008)
RMI, a new OB-fold complex essential for Bloom syndrome protein to maintain genome stability
Genes & Development 22: 2843-2855.
Abstract | Full Text | G & D Perspective



Davidson M.B. and Brown, G.W. (2008)
The N- and C-termini of Elg1 contribute to the maintenance of genome stability
DNA Repair 7: 1221-1232.
Abstract | Full Text



Duro, E., Vaisica, J.A., Brown, G.W., Rouse, J. (2008)
Budding yeast Mms22 and Mms1 regulate homologous recombination induced by replisome blockage
DNA Repair 7: 811-818.
Abstract | Full Text



Roberts, T.M., Waris Zaidi, I., Vaisica, J.A., Peter, M., Brown, G.W. (2008)
Regulation of Rtt107 Recruitment to Stalled DNA Replication Forks by the Cullin Rtt101 and the Rtt109 Acetyltransferase
Molecular Biology of the Cell 19: 171-180
Abstract | Full Text | Faculty of 1000 Evaluation



Xu, H., Boone, C., Brown, G. W. (2007)
Genetic Dissection of Parallel Sister Chromatid Cohesion Pathways
Genetics 176: 1417-1429
Abstract | Full Text



Collins, S.R., Miller, K.M., Maas, N.L., Roguev, A., Fillingham, J., Chu, C.S., Schuldiner, M., Gebbia, M., Recht, J., Shales, M., Ding, H., Xu, H., Han, J., Ingvarsdottir, K., Cheng, B., Andrews, B., Boone, C., Berger, S.L., Hieter, P., Zhang, Z., Brown, G.W., Ingles, C.J., Emili, A., Allis, C.D., Toczyski, D.P., Weissman, J.S., Greenblatt, J.F., Krogan, N.J. (2007)
Functional Dissection of Protein Complexes Involved in Yeast Chromosome Biology Using a Genetic Interaction Map
Nature 446: 806-810
Abstract | Full Text


Yu, L., Pena Castillo, L., Mnaimneh, S., Hughes, T. R., Brown, G. W. (2006)
A Survey of Essential Gene Function in the Yeast Cell Division Cycle
Molecular Biology of the Cell 17: 4736-4747
Abstract | Full Text | Complete data set


Wu, L., Bachrati, C. Z., Ou, J., Xu, C., Yin, J., Chang, M., Wang, W., Li, L., Brown, G. W., Hickson, I.D. (2006)
BLAP75/RMI1 promotes the BLM-dependent dissolution of homologous recombination intermediates
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 103: 4068-4073
Abstract | Full Text

Zhang, C., Roberts, T. M., Yang, J., Desai, R., Brown,
G. W. (2006)
Suppression of Genomic Instability by SLX5 and SLX8 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
DNA Repair 5: 336-46
Abstract | Full Text

Roberts, T. M., Kobor, M. S., Bastin-Shanower, S. A., Ii, M., Horte, S. A., Gin, J.W., Emili, A., Rine, J., Brill, S. J., Brown, G. W. (2006)
Slx4 Regulates DNA Damage Checkpoint-dependent Phosphorylation of the BRCT Domain Protein Rtt107/Esc4
Molecular Biology of the Cell 17: 539-548
Abstract | Full Text


Davierwala, A. P., Haynes, J., Li, Z., Brost, R. L., Robinson, M. D., Yu, L., Mnaimneh, S., Ding, H., Zh,u H., Chen, Y., Cheng, X., Brown, G. W., Boone, C., Andrews, B. J., Hughes, T. R. (2005)
The synthetic genetic interaction spectrum of essential genes
Nature Genetics 37: 1147-52
Abstract | Full Text


Chang, M., Bellaoui, M., Zhang, C., Desai, R., Morozov, P., Delgado-Cruzata, L., Rothstein, R., Freyer, G. A., Boone, C., and Brown, G.W. (2005)
RMI1/NCE4, a Suppressor of Genome Instability, Encodes a Member of the RecQ Helicase/Topo III Complex
EMBO Journal 24: 2024-2033
Abstract | Full Text


Suter, B., Tong, A., Chang, M., Yu, L., Brown, G.W., Boone, C., and Rine, J. (2004)
The Origin Recognition Complex Links Replication, Sister Chromatid Cohesion, and Transcriptional Silencing in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Genetics 167: 579-591
Abstract | Full Text


Tong, A.H.Y., Lesage, G., Bader, G., Ding, H., Xu, H., Xin, X., Young, J., Berriz, G.F., Brost, R., Chang, M., Chen, Y., Cheng, X., Chua, G., Friesen, H., Goldberg, D.S, Haynes, J., Humphries, C., He, G., Hussein, S., Ke, L., Krogan, N., Li, Z., Levinson, J.N., Lu, H., Ménard, P., Munyana, C., Parsons, A., Ryan, O., Tonikan, R., Roberts, T., Sdicu, A., Shapiro, J., Sheikh, B., Suter, B., Wong, S.L., Zhang, L.V., Zhu, H., Burd, C.G., Munro, S., Sander, C., Rine, J., Greenblatt, J., Peter, M., Bretscher, A., Bell, G., Roth, F.P., Brown, G.W., Andrews, B., Bussey, H., Boone, C. (2004)
Genetic Interaction Networks: Large-scale Mapping of Synthetic Genetic Interactions in Yeast.
Science 303: 803-813
Abstract | Full Text | Commentary

Mayer, M. L., Pot, I., Chang, M., Xu, H., Aneliunas, V., Kwok, T., Newitt, R., Aebersold, R., Boone, C., Brown, G. W., and Hieter, P. (2004)
Identification of protein complexes required for sister chromatid cohesion.
Molecular Biology of the Cell 15: 1736-1745
Abstract | Full Text


Parsons, A. B., Brost, R., Ding, H., Li, Z., Zhang, C., Sheikh, B., Brown, G. W., Kane, P. M., Hughes, T. R., and Boone, C. (2004)
Chemical Genomics: Integration of Chemical-Genetic and Genetic Interaction Data Links Biologically Active Compounds to Cellular Pathways and Targets.
Nature Biotechnology 22: 62-69
Abstract | Full Text | Commentary


Duncker, B.P. & Brown, G.W.(2003)
Cdc7 kinases (DDKs) and checkpoint responses: lessons from two yeasts.
Mutation Resarch 532: 21-27
Abstract | Full Text


Bellaoui, M., Chang, M., Ou, J., Xu, H., Boone, C., and Brown, G. W. (2003)
Elg1 forms an alternative RFC complex important for DNA replication and genome integrity.
EMBO Journal 22: 4304-4313
Abstract | Full Text | Commentary in Curr. Biol.


Chang, M., Bellaoui, M., Boone, C., and Brown, G. W. (2002)
A genome-wide screen for methyl methanesulfonate-sensitive mutants reveals genes required for S phase progression in the presence of DNA damage.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 99: 16934-16939
Abstract | Full Text


Fung, A. D., Ou, J., Beuler, S., and Brown, G.W. (2002)
A conserved domain of S. pombe dfp1+ is uniquely required for chromosome stability following alkylation damage during S phase.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 22: 4477-90
Abstract | Full Text | Faculty of 1000 Evaluation


Brown, G. W. and Kelly, T. J. (2000)
Regulation of DNA Replication.
Annual Review of Biochemistry 69: 829-880
Abstract | Full Text


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