Data from Yu et al. Molecular Biology of the Cell, 2006



Raw FACS data, plates 1, 8, 9, 10

Raw FACS data, plates 2 and 3 Raw FACS data, plates 4 and 5
  Raw FACS data, plates 6 and 7 Aligned FACS data Compressed normalized FACS data
  Scoring from computational analysis Scoring from manual analysis Overlap scoring
  Complete gene list Functional enrichment data Data for Figures 2 and 3
  FACS histograms, plate 1 FACS histograms, plate 2 FACS histograms, plate 3
  FACS histograms, plate 4 FACS histograms, plate 5 FACS histograms, plate 6
  FACS histograms, plate 7 FACS histograms, plate 8 FACS histograms, plate 9
  FACS histograms, plate 10 FACS histograms, plate 11 G1 functional enrichment data
Data from Yu et al. PLoS Genetics, 2008


  Chemical-genetic screen data for Figures 2 and 3
Data from Ho et al. Cell Systems, 2018

  Table S1. Raw protein abundance measurements from each study.

Table S2. Comparison of protein abundance in two small-scale studies to the calibration datasets.


Table S3. Protein abundance in molecules per cell, before GFP autofluorescence filtering.

Table S4. Protein abundance in molecules per cell, after GFP autofluorescence filtering.


Table S5. Proteins not detected in any study. Table S6. Comparison of RNA abundance, ribosome density, and protein abundance.
  Table S7. GFP-tagged protein abundance outliers from t-test analysis Table S8. Protein abundance in molecules per cell in stress conditions.

Table S9. Fold change in protein abundance in stress conditions for proteins with an abundance greater than two standard deviations from the untreated average abundance.


  R scripts for data analysis (zip'd)    

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